Palyoplot 0.0.17 Available

This update fixes the plotting that was broken with the massive ggplot2 3.5.0 updates/improvements. Does not use their improvements beyond just getting the code to work again. Have a known issue where y.break may not be honored as expected in palyoplot_plotData (it might round differently if R thinkings it’s cleaner. Working on it but wanted to get this out). A minor bug fix to palyoplot_plotIndex(), made the tutorial pages on the website formatted consistently, and updated syntax on tutorials to match the latest code version. File to install is at:

A round of testing and Palyoplot should be Beta. Feedback as always is appreciated. See Palyoplot: R Package in the top-right header for graphical guided tutorials using both built-in and dummy datasets.

History of versions, changelog, and a sample R files are available at:

Palyoplot 0.0.15 now available

Several bug fixes and lots of updates to the Help files. File to install is at: Sorry for the delay in updates and whatnot, but between COVID-19 class conversions and going up for tenure I was a bit busy.

I’m planning to have Palyoplot go into Beta soon, so any feedback at all is greatly appreciated. History of versions, changelog, and a revised sample R file are available at:

Appending Graphs in Palyoplot Tutorial Now Available

We’ve all been there… created a bunch of graphs that now we have to copy/paste together in image editing software. It just disrupts the workflow, you know? I like to make less work for myself. That’s not to say I don’t still need to tweak this in an image editor, but I can at least minimize how often I have to. Enter the ability to append (that means sticking together one after another) graphic into one diagram! The tutorial for how to do so is now available. Here’s a sneak peak of two stacked plots appended into one image (notice, y-axis appears only on the left and is not duplicated for each plot. I give you options like that… 😉 )

Two stacked diagrams appended into one final image

Palyoplot Stacked Diagram Tutorial is Up

Sometimes you just want to stack a bunch of (related) data together for visualization. The tutorial for how to do so with Palyoplot is now up to show you how to do just that! Here’s a sneak peak of what you can create…

Basic Palyoplot Tutorial is Up

Seems I’m being extra productive today. Created a basic tutorial on creating diagrams using Palyoplot’s built-in datasets. It should be enough to get you started with the functionality and exploring how the datasets are setup in R.

To give you a little bit of a sneak peak before heading over there

axis2 = palyoplot_get2ndAxis(interval=2, top=-20, bottom=115, ages=pp_agemodel)
graph1 = palyoplot_plotTaxa(xdata=pp_xdata, ydata=pp_ydata, ylabel="cal yr BP", bottomLabel="Percentages", 
                            colors=pp_colors, y2=axis2, y2label="depth (cm)", fontstyles=pp_fontStyles,
                            taxaGroups=pp_taxaGroups, plotStyle="line"))