Fun at Conferences: Chicago Public Transport Edition

Almost every year that I’ve made the pilgrimage to the annual Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting, I’ve used public transportation to get around – Chicago is no exception. The exception, this time, was that I managed to get turned around upon arrival, as opposed to a few days in (really? Who puts the north AND southbound buses at the SAME STOP. Facing the SAME DIRECTION. With the same text on their display. At night. In the rain? That’s just asking for it).

So 20 minutes in to going the wrong way on the bus, I use my handy-dandy Google Maps app to see how much farther until I need to request a stop (the app had said ~27 minutes to my destination when I got on). That’s when I discovered I was going southbound Continue reading “Fun at Conferences: Chicago Public Transport Edition”

Quick Lat/Long GMaps Hack

Have you ever been in Google Maps and wished you could find the lat/long of a place you’re looking at? I have this wish all the time. Fortunately, I know it’s possible. Unfortunately, I have to hunt down the solution each time in some old code I have up on a website. So, in order to make it easier to find (for me at least), here’s the solution. Enjoy!

    1. Center your feature of interest in Google Maps
    2. In the LOCATION BAR of your browser (where you type in URLs), paste the following:
  1. Hit “Enter”
  2. Walah! A popup dialog with the lat/long of the center of the map, and thus, your feature of interest =)